1. 6

    पुरं राजगृहं गत्वा शीघ्रं शीघ्रजवैर्हयैः | त्यक्तशोकैरिदं वाच्यः शासनात् भरतः मम || २-६८-६

    Go at once from here on swift horses to the city of Rajagrha and concealing signs of grief, convey these words to Bharata as my command : - [2-68-6]

  2. 7

    पुरोहित स्त्वां कुशलं प्राह सर्वे च मन्त्रिणः | त्वरमाणश्च निर्याहि कृत्यमात्ययिकं त्वया || २-६८-७

    The family priest and all the counsellors wish your welfare. You must return in haste. There is an urgent task required to be done by you. [2-68-7]

  3. 8

    मा चास्मै प्रोषितं रामं मा चास्मै पितरं मृतम् | भवन्तः शंसिषुर्गत्वा राघवाणामिमं क्षयम् || २-६८-८

    All of you go there and do not communicate (to Bharata) about the exile of Rama or the demise of his father and the disaster that has befallen the Raghus. [2-68-8]

  4. 9

    कौशेयानि च वस्त्राणि भूषणानि वराणि च | क्षिप्रमादय राज्ञश्च भरतस्य च गच्छत || २-६८-९

    Take with you silk garments and precious ornaments for the king of Kekaya and Bharata and depart at once.' [2-68-9]

  5. 10

    दत्तपथ्यशना दूता जग्मुस्स्वं स्वं निवेशनम् | केकयांस्ते गमिष्यन्तो हयानारुह्य संमतान् || २-६८-१०

    The messengers set to depart to Kekaya kingdom, carrying with them the necessaries for their journey went to their respective homes mounted on excellent horses. [2-68-10]