1. 1

    प्रत्याश्वस्तो यदा राजा मोहात्प्रत्यागतं पुनः | अथाऽजुहाव तं सूतं रामवृत्तान्तकारणात् || २-५८-१

    When the king regained his consciousness and was consoled, he summoned the charioteer to hear news about Rama. [2-58-1]

  2. 2

    अथ सूतो महाराजं कृताञ्जलिरुपस्थितः | राममेवानुशोचन्तं दुःखशोकसमन्वितम् || २-५८-२

    Then the charioteer with folded palms approached the king who, deeply afflicted with grief and pain, was brooding over Rama alone. [2-58-2]

  3. 3

    वृद्धं परमसन्तप्तं नवग्रहमिव द्विपम् | विनिश्वसन्तं ध्यायन्तमस्वस्थ मिव कुङञरम् || २-५८-३

    Aged Dasaratha was heaving deep sighs like a newly captured, indisposed elephant. [2-58-3]

  4. 4

    राजा तु रजसा सूतं ध्वस्ताङ्गं समुपस्थितम् | अश्रुपूर्णमुखं दीनमुवाच परमार्तवत् || २-५८-४

    Seeing the dejected charioteer standing before him, the desolate king covered all over with dust and his face bathed in tears, said to him in extreme grief : - [2-58-4]

  5. 5

    क्वनु वत्स्यति धर्मात्मा वृक्षमूलमुपाश्रितः | सोऽत्यन्तसुखितः सूत किमशिष्यति राघवः || २-५८-५

    - 'Oh ! charioteer, Rama is righteous and he is accustomed to all sorts of comfort. Taking refuge at the foot of a tree how shall he live and what shall he eat? [2-58-5]