1. 31

    निश्चेष्टाहारसञ्चारा वृक्षैकस्थानविष्ठिताः | पक्षिणोऽपि प्रयाचन्ते सर्वभूतानुकम्पिनम् || २-४५-३१

    Even the birds instead of foraging for food are sitting motionless on the trees at one place. They are imploring you, you who are compassionate to all creatures, to return to Ayodhya. [2-45-31]

  2. 32

    एवं विक्रोशतां तेषां द्विजातीनां निवर्तने | ददृशे तमसा तत्र वारयन्तीव राघवम् || २-४५-३२

    While those brahmins were thus crying out, river Tamasa came into view as if seeking Rama to turn back to Ayodhya. [2-45-32]

  3. 33

    ततः सुमन्त्रोऽपि रथाद्विमुच्य श्रान्तान्हयान्सम्परिवर्त्य शीघ्रम् | पीतोदकांस्तोयपरिप्लुताङ्गा नचारयद्वै तमसाविदूरे || २-४५-३३

    Then Sumantra also unyoked the fatigued horses from the chariot and quickly allowed them to roll and relax on the ground. Having made the horses drink and dip in water, he released them for grazing not far from Tamasa river. [2-45-33]