1. 1

    ततः समीक्ष्य शयने सन्नं शोकेन पार्थिवम् | कौशल्या पुत्रशोकार्ता तमुवाच महीपतिम् || २-४३-१

    Struck by the grief of her son's departure, Kausalya looked at the king who lay on the couch completely exhausted and said to him : - [2-43-1]

  2. 2

    राघवे नरशार्दूले विषमुप्त्वाहिजिह्मगा | विचरिष्यति कैकेयी निर्मुक्तेव हि पन्नगी || २-४३-२

    - 'Moving crookedly like a snake, Kaikeyi has released her venom on Rama, the best among men. Now she will move about freely like a serpent ( female ) that has cast off its slough. [2-43-2]

  3. 3

    विवास्य रामं सुभगा लब्धकामा समाहिता | त्रासयिष्यति मां भूयो दुष्टाहिरिव वेश्मनि || २-४३-३

    Having banished Rama, she is now happy with her desires fulfilled. And like a vicious serpent living in the house she will again frighten me. [2-43-3]

  4. 4

    अथ स्म नगरे रामश्चरन् भैक्षं गृहे वसेत् | कामकारो वरं दातुमपि दासं ममात्मजम् || २-४३-४

    Even giving my son to her as a slave would have been better. By that Rama would have at least stayed in the house by doing the work entrusted by her and roaming about in the city, asking alms. [2-43-4]

  5. 5

    पातयित्वा तु कैकेय्या रामं स्थानाद्यथेष्टतः | प्रदिष्टो रक्षसां भागः पर्वणीवाहिताग्निना || २-४३-५

    Rama has been thrown away from his place as per the whim of Kaikeyi, like the share of offering meant for gods given away to rakshasas by the sacrificers on the new Moon days. [2-43-5]