1. 21

    पार्श्वतः पृष्ठतश्चापि लम्बमानास्तदुन्मुखाः | बाष्पपूर्णमुखास्सर्वे तमूचुर्भृशनिस्वनाः || २-४०-२१

    All the people hanging from the chariot from behind and by the sides, heaving deeply, their faces covered with tears, thus addressed to Sumantra : - [2-40-21]

  2. 22

    संयच्छ वाजिनां रश्मीन् सूत याहि शनैश्शनैः | मुखं द्रक्ष्याम रामस्य दुर्दर्शं नो भविष्यति || २-४०-२२

    - 'Oh ! charioteer, control the reins of the horses and go slow so that we may look at the face of Rama, for soon we will not be able to see him. [2-40-22]

  3. 23

    आयसं हृदयं नूनं राममातुरसंशयम् | यद्देवगर्भप्रतिमे वनं याति न भिद्यते || २-४०-२३

    Alas ! the heart of Kausalya whose son, Rama, resembles the offspring of the gods, does not break even though he is going to the forest undoubtedly it must be made of iron. [2-40-23]

  4. 24

    कृतकृत्या हि वैदेही छायेवानुगता पतिम् | न जहाति रता धर्मे मेरुमर्कप्रभा यथा || २-४०-२४

    Sita, deeply attached to her duty, and with her desire fulfilled is following her husband like a shadow just as the sunlight which never leaves mount Meru. [2-40-24]

  5. 25

    अहो लक्ष्मण सिद्धार्थ स्सततं प्रियवादिनम् | भ्रातरं देवसङ्काशं यस्त्वं परिचरिष्यसि || २-४०-२५

    With your desires fulfilled, Oh ! Lakshmana, you will attend to your godlike brother who always speaks pleasant words. [2-40-25]