1. 11

    एवं मन्ये गुणवतां गुणानां फलमुच्यते | पित्रा मात्रा च यत्साधुर्वीरो निर्वास्यते वनम् || २-३९-११

    That the pious and heroic son is banished by his parents to the forest is, I think, the reward to the virtuous for his virtues.' [2-39-11]

  2. 12

    राज्ञो वचनमाज्ञाय सुमन्त्रः शीघ्रविक्रमः | योजयित्वाऽययौ तत्र रथमश्वैरलङ्कृतम् || २-३९-१२

    In obedience to the words of the king, Sumantra promptly harnessed the horses to a well decorated chariot and brought it there. [2-39-12]

  3. 13

    तं रथं राजपुत्राय सूत: कनकभूषितम् | आचचक्षेऽञ्जलिं कृत्वा युक्तं परमवाजिभिः || २-३९-१३

    With folded palms Sumantra informed the prince that a chariot, decked in gold and harnessed with excellent horses, is ready. [2-39-13]

  4. 14

    राजा सत्वरमाहूय व्यापृतं वित्तसंञ्चये | उवाच देश कालज्ञो निश्चितम् सर्वतः शुचि || २-३९-१४

    The king who was aware of the right place and time summoned hurriedly the treasury officer, who was firm and honest and said to him : - [2-39-14]

  5. 15

    वासांसि च महार्हाणि भूषणानि वराणि च | वर्षाण्येतानि सङ्ख्याय वैदेह्याः क्षिप्रमानय || २-३९-१५

    - 'Assess the (needs for) number of years the princess of Videha (Sita) is going to be in the forest, and fetch her quickly highly valuable garments and excellent ornaments.' [2-39-15]