1. 31

    न खल्वहं न गच्छेयं वनं जनकनन्दिनि | वचनं तन्नयति मां पितु स्सत्योपबृंहितम् || २-३०-३१

    Not that I shall not go to the forest ( I must go ). My father's word nourished by truth is leading me there, Oh ! daughter of Janaka. [2-30-31]

  2. 32

    एष धर्मस्तु सुश्रोणि पितुर्मातुश्च वश्यता | अतश्च तं व्यतिक्रम्य नाहं जीवितुमुत्सहे || २-३०-३२

    Obedience to parents is a righteous act. Therefore, Oh ! sushroni ( one with fair hips ), I cannot live and disobey the word of truth. [2-30-32]

  3. 33

    अस्वाधीनं कथं दैवं प्रकारैरभिराध्यते | स्वाधीनं समतिक्रम्य मातरं पितरं गुरुम् || २-३०-३३

    Mother, father and preceptor are present before us. By overstepping them, how can we, in various ways, worship God who is beyond reach (not visible)? [2-30-33]

  4. 34

    यत्त्रयं तत्त्रयो लोकाः पवित्रं तत्समं भुवि | नान्यदस्ति शुभापाङ्गे तेनेदमभिराध्यते || २-३०-३४

    Where these three( mother, father and preceptor) equal to the three worlds are, Oh ! one with enchanting side glances, there is none in this world as holy. Therefore, they are to be worshipped. [2-30-34]

  5. 35

    न सत्यं दानमानौ वा न यज्ञाश्चाप्तदक्षिणाः | तथा बलकरा स्सीते यथा सेवा पितुर्हिता || २-३०-३५

    Truth or munificence or homage or distribution of gifts to the revered ones or sacrifices, Oh ! Sita, are not considered as efficacious as service to father. [2-30-35]