1. 31

    एवमुक्ता तु रामेण बाष्पपर्याकुलेक्षणा | कौशल्या पुत्रशोकार्ता रामं वचनमब्रवीत् || २-२४-३१

    To these words of Rama, Kausalya, distressed with grief for her son, replied with her eyes filled with tears : - [2-24-31]

  2. 32

    गमने सुकृतां बुद्धिं न ते शक्नोमि पुत्रक | विनिवर्तयितुं वीर नूनं कालो दुरत्ययः || २-२४-३२

    - 'I am unable to dissuade you, Oh ! my brave son, from your firm resolve to go to the forest. It is surely difficult (for me) to bide time. [2-24-32]

  3. 33

    गच्छ पुत्र त्वमेकाग्रो भद्रं तेऽस्तु सदा विभुः | पुनस्त्वयि निवृत्ते तु भविष्यामि गतव्यथा || २-२४-३३

    Go with a steadfast mind, Oh ! my son May god be gracious. Only with your return, I shall be relieved of my suffering. [2-24-33]

  4. 34

    प्रत्यागते महाभागे कृतार्थे चरितव्रते | पितुरानृण्यतां प्राप्ते त्वयि लप्स्ये परं सुखम् || २-२४-३४

    Oh ! reverend one, when you come back after having accomplished your purpose, performed your vows and acquitted yourself of the debt you owe your father, I shall attain supreme happiness. [2-24-34]

  5. 35

    कृतान्तस्य गतिः पुत्र दुर्विभाव्या सदा भुवि | यस्त्वां सञ्चोदयति मे वच आच्छिद्य राघव || २-२४-३५

    Oh ! Rama inconceivable is the course of destiny which is inciting you to go to the forest disregarding my words. [2-24-35]