1. 46

    तदक्षयं महद्दुःखं नोत्सहे सहितुं चिरम् | विप्रकारं सपत्नीनामेवं जीर्णाऽपि राघव || २-२०-४६

    Therefore, Oh ! Rama, I cannot at this old age endure this great, endless sorrow and the insults from co-wives for long. [2-20-46]

  2. 47

    अपश्यन्ती तव मुखम् परिपूर्णशशिप्रभम् | कृपणा वर्तयिष्यामि कथम् कृपणजीविकाम् || २-२०-४७

    Without beholding your face that is as bright as the full Moon, how can this wretched woman live this pitiable life? [2-20-47]

  3. 48

    उपवासैः च योगैः च बहुभिः च परिश्रमैः | दुह्खम् सम्वर्धितः मोघम् त्वम् हि दुर्गतया मया || २-२०-४८

    Through meditation, through fasts and with a great deal of efforts you have been brought up by this luckless (mother). But alas this is all in vain. [2-20-48]

  4. 49

    स्थिरं तु हृदयं मन्ये ममेदं यन्न दीर्यते | प्रावृषि इव महा नद्याः स्पृष्टम् कूलम् नव अम्भसा || २-२०-४९

    I think my heart must be very firm (hard) like the bark of a great river which, touched by (a flood of) fresh water in the rainy season does not disintegrate. [2-20-49]

  5. 50

    ममैव नूनं मरणं न विद्यते न चावकाऽशोस्ति यमक्षयेऽमम | यदन्तकोऽद्यैव न मां जिहीर्षति प्रसह्य सिंहो रुदतीं मृगीमिव || २-२०-५०

    There is no room for me in the abode of Yama (the god of death). If he does not carry me off forcibly like a lion carrying away a crying female deer, certainly there is no death for me. [2-20-50]