1. 21

    अनेकवर्षसाहस्रो वृद्धस्त्त्वमसि पार्थिव | स रामं युवराजानमभिषिञ्चस्व पार्थिवम् || २-२-२१

    - 'Oh ! mighty king, you have grown many thousands of years old. Therefore, you should coronate Rama as prince regent of this kingdom. [2-2-21]

  2. 22

    इच्छामो हि महाबाहुं रघुवीरं महाबलम् | गजेन महता यान्तं रामं छत्रावृताननम् || २-२-२२

    We cherish to see the mightyarmed hero born in the clan of Raghu, Rama, riding on a majestic elephant, his countenance shadowed by the royal parasol. [2-2-22]

  3. 23

    इति तद्वचनं श्रुत्वा राजा तेषां मनःप्रियम् | अजानन्निव जिज्ञासुरिदं वचनमब्रवीत् || २-२-२३

    Having heard them king Dasaratha, pretending as though he was not aware of their heart's desire but was now wishing to ascertain it, spoke these words: - [2-2-23]

  4. 24

    श्रुत्वैव वचनं यन्मे राघवं पतिमिच्छथ | राजानः संशयोऽयं मे तदिदं ब्रूत तत्त्वतः || २-२-२४

    'Oh ! kings, soon after listening to my words, all of you wish Rama to be king. (But) I doubt (in my mind) whether you have said it from your heart, Inform your real opinion in this matter. [2-2-24]

  5. 25

    कथं नु मयि धर्मेण पृथिवीमनुशासति | भवन्तो द्रष्टुमिच्छन्ति युवराजं ममात्मजम् || २-२-२५

    When the earth is being ruled righteously by me why indeed you intend to see my son as prince regent?' [2-2-25]