1. 26

    प्राप्नुवन्त्य यशश्चैव धर्मभ्रंशं च मैथिलि | अकार्यवशमापन्नाः स्त्रियो याः खलु तद्विधाः || २-११७-२६

    Oh ! Sita, those women under the control of unworthy acts are dislodged from the path of righteousness and get infamy. [2-117-26]

  2. 27

    त्वद्विधास्तु गुणैर्युक्ता दृष्ट लोक परावराः | स्त्रियः स्वर्गे चरिष्यन्ति यथा पुण्य कृतः तथा || २-११७-२७

    Women like you who are endowed with virtues and can distinguish between good and bad in this world, like those who perform virtuous deeds, will move about in heaven. [2-117-27]

  3. 28

    तदेवमेनं त्वमनुव्रता सती पतिव्रतानां समयानुवर्तिनी | भव स्वभर्तुः सहधर्मचारिणी यश्श्च धर्मम् च ततः समाप्स्यसि || २-११७-२८

    Therefore, always following your husband, upholding the traditions of chaste women, carrying out worthy and timely duties, be a virtuous wife to your husband. You will thus obtain renown and virtue.' [2-117-28]