1. 16

    नैतच्चित्रं नरव्याघ्र शीलवृत्तवतां वर | यदार्यं त्वयि तिष्ठेत्तु निम्ने सृष्टमिवोदकम् || २-११३-१६

    - 'Oh ! best of men, foremost among men of excellent character and dispositon, it is not surprising that all noble qualities come to reside in you naturally like water poured flowing downward. [2-113-16]

  2. 17

    अमृतः समहाबाहुः पिता दशरथस्तव | यस्य त्वमीदृश: पुत्रो धर्मज्ञो धर्मवत्सलः || २-११३-१७

    With you as his son, endowed with qualities of righteousness and devotion to duty, your mightyarmed father Dasaratha is not dead. (He lives through you).' [2-113-17]

  3. 18

    तमृषिं तु महात्मानमुक्तवाक्यं कृताञ्जलिः || आमन्त्रयितुमारेभे चरणावुपगृह्य च || २-११३-१८

    Hearing the words of the magnanimous Bharadwaja, Bharata paid his respect, folding his palms, and clasping the feet of the sage and sought his permission to leave. [2-113-18]

  4. 19

    ततः प्रदक्षिणं कृत्वा भरद्वाजं पुनः पुनः | भरतस्तु ययौ श्रीमानयोध्यां सह मन्त्रिभिः || २-११३-१९

    Then illustrious Bharata circumambulated the sage several times in homage before he set out for Ayodhya with his counsellors. [2-113-19]

  5. 20

    यानैश्च शकटैश्चैव हयैर्नागैश्च सा चमूः | पुनर्निवृत्ता विस्तीर्णा भरतस्यानुयायिनी || २-११३-२०

    The vast army of Bharata with all its carriages, carts, horses and elephants following him again turned back towards Ayodhya. [2-113-20]