1. 6

    वृद्धाया धर्मशीलाया मातुर्नार्हस्यवर्तितुम् | अस्या हि वचनं कुर्वन्नातिवर्तेः सतां गतिम् || २-१११-६

    Here is your aged and righteous mother. It does not behove you to deny your service to her. By obeying her, you will never deviate from the path of the virtuous. [2-111-6]

  2. 7

    भरतस्य वचः कुर्वन्याचमानस्य राघव | आत्मानं नातिवर्तेस्त्वं सत्यधर्मपराक्रम || २-१११-७

    Oh ! scion of the Raghus whose strength springs from truth and righteousness, if you accede to the prayers of Bharata, you will not ignore the call of your soul.' [2-111-7]

  3. 8

    एवं मधुरमुक्तः तु न् गुरुणा राघवः स्वयम् | प्रत्युवाच समासीनं वसिष्ठं पुरुषर्षभः || २-१११-८

    When Rama, the best of men, was advised personally by Vasistha, the preceptor, with sweet words, he replied to him who was sitting beside him : - [2-111-8]

  4. 9

    यन्मातापितरौ वृत्तं तनये कुरुत: स‌दा | न सुप्रतिकरं तत् तु मात्रा पित्रा च यत्कृतम् || २-१११-९

    - 'The course of action the parents always adopt in respect of their son, these cannot be repaid to mother and father. [2-111-9]

  5. 10

    यथाशक्ति प्रदानेन स्वापनोच्छादनेन च | नित्यं च प्रियवादेन तथा संवर्धनेन च || २-१११-१०

    The benefits they confer on him according to their resources, the way they lull him to sleep and clothe him, the affectionate words they always speak to him and the way they bring him up. [2-111-10]