1. 6

    एवमेव मनुष्याणां पिता माता गृहं वसु | अवासमात्रं काकुत्स्थ सज्जन्ते नात्र सज्जनाः || २-१०८-६

    Similarly, father, mother, home and wealth are restingplaces to a man. The wise do not get attached to them, Oh ! descendant the Kakutsthas. [2-108-6]

  2. 7

    पित्र्यं राज्यं परित्यज्य स नार्हसि नरोत्तम | आस्थातुं कापथं दुःखं विषमं बहुकण्टकम् || २-१०८-७

    Oh ! most virtuous of men, you ought not to abandon this patrimonial kingdom, adopt a course, which is painful, difficult and full of thorns (dangers). This (course) is unwise and unworthy of you. [2-108-7]

  3. 8

    समृद्धायामयोध्यायामात्मानमभिषेचय | एकवेणीधरा हि त्वां नगरी सम्प्रतीक्षते || २-१०८-८

    Go back to that prosperous city of Ayodhya and get yourself coronated. That city is a chaste woman wearing a single braid of hair awaiting you, her lord. [2-108-8]

  4. 9

    राजभोगाननुभवन्महार्हान्पार्थिवात्मज | विहर त्वमयोध्यायां यथा शक्रस्त्रिविष्टपे || २-१०८-९

    Oh ! king's son, enjoy inestimable royal pleasures in the city of Ayodhya like Indra in heaven. [2-108-9]

  5. 10

    न ते कश्चिद्धशरथ स्त्वं च तस्य न कश्चन | अन्यो राजा त्वमन्य स्तस्मात्कुरु यदुच्यते || २-१०८-१०

    Dasaratha was nobody to you and you are nobody to him. That king is one person and you are another. Therefore, do what I tell you. (It does not matter what you are to him and what he means to you). [2-108-10]