1. 21

    अथ क्लेशज मेव त्वं धर्मं चरितु मिच्छसि | धर्मेण चतुरो वर्णान्पालयन् क्लेशमाप्नुहि || २-१०६-२१

    If you so desire to follow the path of dharma acquired out of physical exertion, then bear the trouble of governing the four castes of the social order righteously. [2-106-21]

  2. 22

    चतुर्णामाश्रमाणां हि गार्हस्थ्यं श्रेष्ठमुत्तमम् | आहुर्धर्मज्ञ धर्मज्ञास्तं कथं त्यक्तुमर्हसि || २-१०६-२२

    Oh ! Rama, you are the one who knows his duty. The knowers of dharma maintain that the life of a householder is the foremost among the four modes of life. How can you renounce it? [2-106-22]

  3. 23

    श्रुतेन बालः स्थानेन जन्मना भवतो ह्यहम् | स कथं पालयिष्यामि भूमिं भवति तिष्ठति || २-१०६-२३

    Being younger to you in knowledge, position and birth, how can I rule the earth when you are present? [2-106-23]

  4. 24

    हीनबुद्धिगुणो बालो हीनः स्थानेन चाप्यहम् | भवता च विनाभूतो न वर्तयितुमुत्सुहे || २-१०६-२४

    I am a child, deficient in intelligence and virtue and even inferior in position. Deserted by you, I do not wish to live. [2-106-24]

  5. 25

    इदं निखिल मव्यग्रं राज्यं पित्र्यमकण्टकम् | अनुशाधि स्वधर्मेण धर्मज्ञ सहबान्धवैः || २-१०६-२५

    Oh ! one, conversant with righteousness rule unhindered this entire kingdom along with our relations inherited from our father. [2-106-25]