1. 1

    एवमुक्त्वा तु विरते रामे वचनमर्थवत् | ततो मन्दाकिनीतीरे रामं प्रकृतिवत्सलम् || २-१०६-१

    Rama remained silent after saying these meaningful words on the bank of river Mandakini. Then, to Rama who was affectionate by nature..... - [2-106-1]

  2. 2

    उवाच भरत श्चित्रं धार्मिको धार्मिकं वचः | को हि स्यादीदृशो लोके यादृश स्त्वमरिन्दमः || २-१०६-२

    - and virtuous, the Bharata, conforming to righteousness, replied in clear words : - 'Oh ! subduer of enemies (Rama), there are none in this world like you. [2-106-2]

  3. 3

    न त्वां प्रव्यथयेद्दुःखं प्रीतिर्वा नप्रहर्षयेत् | सम्मतश्चासि वृद्धानां तांश्च पृच्छसि संशयान् || २-१०६-३

    You are of such nature that neither sorrow pains you nor pleasure delights you. You are loved by the elders, for you seek their counsel whenever you have doubts. [2-106-3]

  4. 4

    यथा मृत स्तथा जीवन्यथाऽसति तथा सति | यस्यैष बुद्धिलाभः स्यात्परितप्येत केन सः || २-१०६-४

    One should accept life and death, vice and virtue equally. How can one be afflicted when he has gained such an intellect? [2-106-4]

  5. 5

    परावरज्ञो यश्च स्याद् यथा त्वं मनुजाधिप | स एव व्यसनं प्राप्य न विषीदितुमर्हति || २-१०६-५

    Oh ! lord of men, it is not proper for a person like you who knows the past and the future of human beings to feel distressed and lament over it. [2-106-5]