1. 21

    यत्र गच्छत्युपादातुं मूलानि च फलानि च | न विना याति तं खङ्गं न्यासरक्षणतत्परः || ३-९-२१

    Vigilant about protecting the sword deposited with him, the sage never moved without it even when he went gathering roots and fruits. [3-9-21]

  2. 22

    नित्यं शस्त्रं परिवहन्क्रमेण स तपोधनः | चकार रौद्रीं स्वां बुद्धिं त्यक्त्वा तपसि निश्चयम् || ३-९-२२

    While the sage moved about holding the weapon, he gave up the practice of penance gradually and developed a violent mindset. [3-9-22]

  3. 23

    ततः सरौद्रेऽभिरतः प्रमत्तोऽधर्मकर्शितः | तस्य शस्त्रस्य संवासाज्जगाम नरकं मुनिः || ३-९-२३

    By association with the sword, he developed a violent attitude. And in that habitual state of excitement he was dragged into unrighteous ways which (ultimately) took him to hell. [3-9-23]

  4. 24

    एवमेतत्पुरा वृत्तं शस्त्रसंयोगकारणम् | अग्निसंयोगवद्धेतुः शस्त्रसंयोग उच्यते || ३-९-२४

    Contact with the weapon has led to this in the past. Like contact with fire, it leads man to destruction. [3-9-24]

  5. 25

    स्नेहाच्च बहुमानाच्च स्मारये त्वां न शिक्षये | न कथञ्चन सा कार्या गृहीतधनुषा त्वया || ३-९-२५

    I say this out of my love and reverence for you as a reminder and not as an instruction. On any account, while holding a bow, you should not have..... - [3-9-25]