1. 46

    ममास्यमनुसम्प्राप्तौ दुर्लभं जीवितं पुनः | तस्य तद्वचनं श्रुत्वा कबन्धस्य दुरात्मनः || ३-६९-४६

    - you have entered my mouth. It is impossible for you to live any more.' On hearing the words of the evil-minded Kabandha,..... - [3-69-46]

  2. 47

    उवाच लक्ष्मणं रामो मुखेन परिशुष्यता | कृच्छ्रात् कृच्छ्रतरं प्राप्य दारुणं सत्यविक्रमः || ३-६९-४७

    Rama said to Lakshmana with dried up mouth : - 'Oh ! satya-vikrama ( Lakshmana ), your valour is truth. We have gone through from one calamity to a greater one..... - [3-69-47]

  3. 48

    व्यसनं जीवितान्ताय प्राप्तमप्राप्य तां प्रियाम् | कालस्य सुमहद्वीर्यं सर्वभूतेषु लक्ष्मण || ३-६९-४८

    - without finding the beloved Sita. Now we have landed into a terrible crisis which will put an end to our own life. Oh ! Lakshmana see how powerful the might of time is for all beings. [3-69-48]

  4. 49

    त्वां च मां च नरव्याघ्र व्यसनैः पश्य मोहितौ | नातिभारोस्ति कालस्य सर्वभूतेषु लक्ष्मण || ३-६९-४९

    Oh ! tiger among men, just see yourself and myself afflicted with this great calamity. Oh ! Lakshmana look at the power of time over all creatures There is nothing too heavy for time. [3-69-49]

  5. 50

    शूराश्च बलवन्तश्च कृतास्त्राश्च रणाजिरे | कालाभिपन्नास्सीदन्ति यथा वालुकसेतवः || ३-६९-५०

    Even those who know the use of arms in war, or are brave or strong enough, cannot withstand the force of time like the barriers built with sand.' [3-69-50]