1. 26

    राजा दशरथश्श्रीमान्यथा मम महायशाः | पूजनीयश्च मान्यश्च तथाऽयं पतगेश्वरः || ३-६८-२६

    This lord of the birds for me is as worthy of reverence and honour as the famous and prosperous king Dasaratha. [3-68-26]

  2. 27

    सौमित्रे हर काष्ठानि निर्मथिष्यामि पावकम् | गृध्रराजं दिधक्षामि मत्कृते निधनं गतम् || ३-६८-२७

    Oh ! Saumitri fetch firewood. I shall generate fire by rubbing them and cremate the king of the birds who has laid down his life for my sake. [3-68-27]

  3. 28

    नाथं पतगलोकस्य चितामारोप्य राघव | इमं धक्ष्यामि सौमित्रे हतं रौद्रेण रक्षसा || ३-६८-२८

    Oh ! scion of the Raghus, I will place the body of the lord of the world of birds, killed by the fierce demon, on the funeral pyre and cremate him with honour. [3-68-28]

  4. 29

    या गतिर्यज्ञशीलानामाहिताग्नेश्च या गतिः | अपरावर्तिनां या च या च भूमिप्रदायिनाम् || ३-६८-२९

    The state of those who perform sacrifices, who kindle and maintain sacrificial fires, who beat no retreat from the battlefield and who offer land in charity,..... - [3-68-29]

  5. 30

    मया त्वं समनुज्ञातो गच्छ लोकाननुत्तमान् | गृध्रराज महासत्त्व संस्कृतश्च मया व्रज || ३-६८-३०

    - Oh ! mighty lord of the birds, by my grace you will attain that state. Purified by my offering of fire, you may depart for the best of the worlds.' [3-68-30]