1. 11

    मया विहीना विजने वने या रक्षोभिराहृत्य विकृष्यमाणा | नूनं निनादं कुररीव दीना सा मुक्तवत्यायतकान्तनेत्रा || ३-६३-११

    The lovely, largeeyed lady separated from me in the desolate forest, abducted and dragged by demons must have cried at that time desperately like a female osprey. [3-63-11]

  2. 12

    अस्मिन्मयासार्धमुदारशीला शिलातले पूर्वमुपोपविष्टा | कान्तस्मिता लक्ष्मण जातहासा त्वामाह सीता बहुवाक्यजातम् || ३-६३-१२

    On this rock, Oh ! Lakshmana, my goodnatured lady with her lovely smile sat with me in the past and chatted with you. [3-63-12]

  3. 13

    गोदावरीयं सरितां वरिष्ठा प्रिया प्रियाया मम नित्यकालम् | अप्यत्र गच्छेदिति चिन्तयामि नैकाकिनी याति हि सा कदाचित् || ३-६३-१३

    Would she have gone to Godavari, the foremost of the rivers so dear at all times to my beloved ? But I think she has not gone there alone at any time. [3-63-13]

  4. 14

    पद्मानना पद्मविशालनेत्रा पद्मानि वानेतुमभिप्रयाता | तदप्ययुक्तं न हि सा कदाचिन्मया विना गच्छति पङ्कजानि || ३-६३-१४

    The lady whose face was like the lotus, whose large eyes were like lotus petals could have gone to fetch lotuses ( but ) that also is not possible as she has never gone there without me. [3-63-14]

  5. 15

    कामं त्विदं पुष्पितवृक्षषण्डं नानाविधैः पक्षिगणैरुपेतम् | वनं प्रयाता नु तदप्ययुक्त मेकाकिनी सातिबिभेति भीरुः || ३-६३-१५

    Could she have gone to the forest where there are many kinds of trees in full bloom inhabited by a variety of birds? That is also not possible as she is timid and too scared to go there alone. [3-63-15]