1. 6

    रुदन्तमिव वृक्षैश्च म्लानपुष्पमृगद्विजम् | श्रिया विहीनं विध्वस्तं सन्त्यक्तवनदेवतम् || ३-६०-६

    The trees with flowers withered, the animals and birds turned pale looked as if they were weeping. Bereft of their beauty they wore a ruinous look. The sylvan deities had left. [3-60-6]

  2. 7

    विप्रकीर्णाजिनकुशं विप्रविद्धब्रुसीकटम् | दृष्ट्वा शून्यं निजस्थानं विललाप पुनः पुनः || ३-६०-७

    The deerskin and kusa grass were strewn here and there, the grass cushions and straw mats lay scattered. Seeing his cottage so desolate Rama wept again and again : - [3-60-7]

  3. 8

    हृता मृता वा नष्टा वा भक्षिता वा भविष्यति | निलीनाप्यथवा भीरुरथवा वनमाश्रिता || ३-६०-८

    - 'Timid Sita might have been abducted or dead or crushed or eaten up by demons. Or, she may be hiding for protection in the forest. [3-60-8]

  4. 9

    गता विचेतुं पुष्पाणि फलान्यपि च वा पुनः | अथवा पद्मिनीं याता जलार्थं वा नदीं गता || ३-६०-९

    Maybe she has gone to pluck flowers or fruits. Or to the lotus-pond or river to fetch water.' [3-60-9]

  5. 10

    यत्नान्मृगयमाणस्तु नाससाद वने प्रियाम् | शोकरक्तेक्षणश्शोकादुन्मत्त इव लक्ष्यते || ३-६०-१०

    He ransacked the forest, yet did not find his beloved. He appeared like a mad man, his eyes turned red with tears of sorrow. [3-60-10]