1. 36

    सुतीक्ष्णमभिगच्छ त्वं शुचौ देशे तपस्विनम् | रमणीये वनोद्देशे स ते वासं विधास्यति || ३-५-३६

    You may approach sage, Sutikshna residing in a sacred spot. He will provide you a delightful place for your stay in the forest. [3-5-36]

  2. 37

    इमां मन्दाकिनीं राम प्रतिस्रोतामनुव्रज | नदीं पुष्पोडुपवहां ततस्तत्र गमिष्यसि || ३-५-३७

    Proceed, Oh ! Rama in the reverse direction of the river Mandakini carrying flowers and floats. And you will reach the place. [3-5-37]

  3. 38

    एष पन्था नरव्याघ्र मुहूर्तं पश्य तात माम् | यावज्जहामि गात्राणि जीर्णां त्वचमिवोरगः || ३-५-३८

    Oh ! Rama, the best among men, this is the way. Look at me for a while, my dear, until I shed my limbs just as a snake sheds its withered slough.' [3-5-38]

  4. 39

    ततोऽग्निं स समाधाय हुत्वा चाज्येन मन्त्रवित् | शरभङ्गो महातेजाः प्रविवेश हुताशनम् || ३-५-३९

    Then the effulgent Sarabhanga, knower of mantras (magical spells) kindled the fire with faggots and after offering oblations of ghee plunged in. [3-5-39]

  5. 40

    तस्य रोमाणि केशांश्च तदा वह्निर्महात्मनः | जीर्णां त्वचं तथाऽस्थीनि यच्च मांसं सशोणितम् || ३-५-४०

    Then were consumed that highsouled Sarabhanga's hair on the body and on the head, the wornout skin, the bones and flesh along with blood. [3-5-40]