1. 6

    ये न रक्षन्ति विषयमस्वाधीना नराधिपाः | ते न वृद्ध्या प्रकाशन्ते गिरयः सागरे यथा || ३-३३-६

    Kings who are not under their own control and cannot protect the country, do not attract the minds of the people like mountains inside sea water. [3-33-6]

  2. 7

    आत्मवद्भिर्विगृह्य त्वं देवगन्धर्वदानवैः | अयुक्तचारश्चपलः कथं राजा भविष्यसि || ३-३३-७

    Having created enmity with selfrespecting persons like gods, gandharvas and demons, with a fickle mind and without spies how long can you continue as king ? [3-33-7]

  3. 8

    त्वन्तु बालस्वभावश्च बुद्धिहीनश्च राक्षस | ज्ञातव्यन्तु न जानीषे कथं राजा भविष्यसि || ३-३३-८

    Oh ! demon you are childish and foolish. You do not even know what ought to be known. How can you rule as a king? [3-33-8]

  4. 9

    येषां चारश्च कोशश्च नयश्च जयतां वर | अस्वाधीना नरेन्द्राणां प्राकृतैः ते जनैः समाः || ३-३३-९

    The best among the victorious kings, who are not masters of their espionage, judicial system and their exchequer are equal to the laity. [3-33-9]

  5. 10

    यस्मात्पश्यन्ति दूरस्थान् सर्वानर्थान्नराधिपाः | चारेण तस्मादुच्यन्ते राजानो दीर्घचक्षुषः || ३-३३-१०

    Since kings can see things from a faroff place with the help of the spies they are called farsighted. [3-33-10]