1. 41

    युगपत्पतमानैश्च युगपच्च हतैर्भृशम् | युगपत्पतितैश्चैव विकीर्णा वसुधा भवत् || ३-२५-४१

    It seemed as if it all happened at the same time, the entire earth filling with demons seriously injured, slain and fallen down on the ground. [3-25-41]

  2. 42

    निहताः पतिताः क्षीणाश्छिन्ना भिन्ना विदारिताः | तत्र तत्र स्म दृश्यन्ते राक्षसास्ते सहस्रशः || ३-२५-४२

    There were bodies of demons pierced and torn, thinned and fallen down, destroyed, broken and cut into pieces scattered in their thousands. [3-25-42]

  3. 43

    सोष्णीषैरुत्तमाङ्गैश्च साङ्गदैर्बाहुभिस्तथा | ऊरुभिर्जानुभिश्छिन्नैर्नानारूपैविभूषणैः || ३-२५-४३

    Some severed heads still had their headgears and some bare, some arms were with armlets and some bare, while some with their arms cut off, some with their thighs cut off, some with their divers patterns of ornaments on their bodies had fallen on ground. [3-25-43]

  4. 44

    हयैश्च द्विपमुख्यैश्च रथैर्भिन्नैरनेकशः | चामरैर्व्यजनैश्छत्रैर्ध्वजैर्नानाविधैरपि || ३-२५-४४

    Numerous horses and elephants are felled. Chariots, royal-fans, royal-parasols, war-flags of very many kinds are ravaged in many ways. [3-25-45]

  5. 45

    रामस्य बाणाभिहतैर्विचित्रैश्शूलपट्टिसैः | खङ्गै खण्डीकृतैः प्रासैर्विकीर्णैश्च परश्वधैः || ३-२५-४५

    Hit down by Rama's arrows spears and tridents are variously splintered, swords broken to pieces, darts and hatchets shattered and strewn around. [3-25-45]