1. 1

    स तस्य मध्ये भवनस्य संस्थितं महद्विमानं मणिवज्रचित्रितम् | प्रतप्तजाम्बूनदजालकृत्रिमं ददर्श वीरः पवनात्मजः कपिः || ५-८-१

    The courageous son of the Windgod, Hanuman, the vanara saw the aerial chariot kept in the middle of the mansion inlaid with gems and diamonds latticed with artificial windows of refined gold. [5-1-8]

  2. 2

    तदप्रमेयाप्रतिकारकृत्रिमं कृतं स्वयं साध्विति विश्वकर्मणा | दिवं गतं वायुपथप्रतिष्ठितं व्यराजतादित्यपथस्य लक्ष्मवत् || ५-८-२

    The immeasurable Pushpaka fashioned by Visvakarma with images of incomparable beauty was not possible to describe. An excellent product of his achievement, it was placed in the aerial path appearing as a beacon light (signpost) in the orbit of the Sun. [5-8-2]

  3. 3

    न तत्र किञ्चिन्न कृतं प्रयत्नतो न तत्र किञ्चिन्न महार्हरत्नवत् | न ते विशेषा नियताः सुरेष्वपि न तत्र किञ्चिन्न महाविशेषवत् || ५-८-३

    There was nothing in Pushpaka which was not executed carefully with special effort, nothing which was not made of precious stones. Such privileges were not available to even gods. Indeed there was nothing which was not unique. [5-8-3]

  4. 4

    तपः समाधानपराक्रमार्जितं मनः समाधानविचारचारिणम् | अनेकसंस्थानविशेषनिर्मितं ततस्ततस्तुल्यविशेषदर्शनम् || ५-८-४

    (The Pushpaka) was designed by dint of divine efforts and prowess (of Kubera). It could touch any place its master commanded with a cool mind. It had many beautiful places of rest. [5-8-4]

  5. 5

    विशेषमालम्ब्य विशेषसंस्थितं विचित्रकूटं बहुकूटमण्डितम् | मनोऽभिरामं शरदिन्दुनिर्मलं विचित्रकूटं शिखरं गिरेर्यथा || ५-८-५

    The Pushpaka was specially designed in a unique manner. It was decorated with many colourful peaks. It was delghtful and pleasing to the mind and bright like the autumnal fullmoon. It looked like a mountain with many wonderful towers around. [5-8-5]