1. 26

    नखदंष्ट्रायुधान् वीरान् सिंहशार्दूलविक्रमान् | वानरान्वारणोन्द्राभान् क्षिप्रं द्रक्षसि सङ्गतान् || ५-६८-२६

    'You will soon behold those monkey warriors, endowed with the strength of lions and tigers, whose weapons are their nails and teeth, resembling the lords of the elephants, hastening here without delay. [5-68-26]

  2. 27

    शैलाम्बुदनिकाशानां लङ्कामलयसानुषु | नर्दतां कपिमुख्यानामचिराच्छ्रोष्यसि स्वनम् || ५-६८-२७

    'You will hear before long the shouts of generals of the vanaras who resemble rainclouds on the mountain roaring like lions from the Malaya mountain of Lanka. [5-68-27]

  3. 28

    निवृत्तवनवासं च त्वया सार्धमरिन्दमम् | अभिषिक्तमयोध्यायां क्षिप्रं द्रक्ष्यसि राघवम् || ५-६८-२८

    'You will soon see Rama, the slayer of enemies crowned as king of Ayodhya with you, having duly completed the term of exile in the forest'. [5-68-28]

  4. 29

    ततो मया वाग्भिरदीनभाषिणा शिवाभिरिष्टाभिरभिप्रसादिता | जगाम शान्तिं मम मैथिलात्मजा तवापि शोकेन तदाभिपीडिता || ५-६८-२९

    ''Sita though afflicted heard from me that you were also in excessive grief on account of separation from her and from my soothing, auspicious and welcome words, she derived comfort and remained quiet''. [5-68-29]