1. 6

    सिंहव्याघ्रतनुत्राणैर्दान्तकाञ्चनराजतैः | घोषवद्भिर्विचित्रैश्च सदा विचरितं रथैः || ५-६-६

    There were wonderful chariots covered with skins of lions and tigers, encrusted with ivory, gold and silver with ringing bells moving about. [5-6-6]

  2. 7

    बहुरत्नसमाकीर्णं परार्थ्यसनभाजनम् | महारथसमावासं महारथमहास्वनम् || ५-६-७

    The palace was embellished with excellent seats and vessels with many precious gems. There were spacious places to accommodate big chariorts filled with shouts of great charioteers. [5-6-7]

  3. 8

    दृश्यैश्च परमोदारैस्तैस्तैश्च मृगपक्षिभिः | विविधै र्बहुसाहस्रैः परिपूर्णं समन्ततः || ५-६-८

    It was pleasing with several kinds of beautiful beasts in their thousands all over. [5-6-8]

  4. 9

    विनीतैरन्तपालैश्च रक्षोभिश्च सुरक्षितम् | मुख्याभिश्च वरस्त्रीभिः परिपूर्णं समन्ततः || ५-६-९

    The place was full of beautful women, carefully protected by disciplined guards as well as demons. [5-6-9]

  5. 10

    मुदितप्रमदारत्नं राक्षसेन्द्रनिवेशनम् | वराभरणसंह्रादैः समुद्रस्वनन्निस्वनम् || ५-६-१०

    Full of the jewels of joyous women, the residence of the lord of demons reverberated with the jingling of their ornaments and accessories like the sound of the sea. [5-6-10]