1. 21

    तत् त्रिकालहितं वाक्यं धर्म्यमर्थानुबन्धि च | मन्यस्व नरदेवाय जानकी प्रतिदीयताम् || ५-५१-२१

    'Think that my advice is beneficial to you for you present, past and future. It is righteous. It will provide you material wealth too. Hence return Sita to the lord of the people. [5-51-21]

  2. 22

    दृष्टा हीयं मया देवी लब्धं यदिह दुर्लभम् | उत्तरं कर्म यच्छेषं निमित्तं तत्र राघवः || ५-५१-२२

    'I have actually spotted the divine lady here which was most difficult. Rama will plan the remaining course of action. [5-51-22]

  3. 23

    लक्षितेयं मया सीता तथा शोकपरायणा | गृह्य यां नाभिजानासि पञ्चास्यामिव पन्नगीम् || ५-५१-२३

    'I have seen Sita immersed in deep sorrow. You do not realise that by abducting her you are keeping a five-hooded female serpent in your house. [5-51-23]

  4. 24

    नेयं जरयितुं शक्या सासुरैरमरैरपि | विषसंसृष्टमत्यर्थं भुक्तमन्नमिवौजसा || ५-५१-२४

    'Just as food mixed with venom cannot be digested by the great fire (fire of hunger), it is not possible to keep Sita even by gods and demons. (Sita is like food mixed with poison. Ravana cannot digest her with all his power.) [5-51-24]

  5. 25

    तपस्सन्तापलब्धस्ते योऽयं धर्मपरिग्रहः | न स नाशयितुं न्याय्य आत्मप्राणपरिग्रहः || ५-५१-२५

    'You have acquired the merit of righteousness by prolonged hardships experienced during your penance. It is not proper to forfeit your own life in this way. [5-51-25]