1. 11

    परस्परं चाधिकमाक्षिपन्ति भुजांश्च पीनानधिकं क्षिपन्ति | मत्तप्रलापानधिकं क्षिपन्ति मत्तानि चान्योन्यमधिक्षिपन्ति || ५-५-११

    The intoxicated demons were quarrelling, ridiculing one another bitterly and wildly throwing their stout arms on one another, indulging in incoherent talk, uttering vulgar words. [5-5-11]

  2. 12

    रक्षांसि वक्षांसि च विक्षिपन्ति गात्राणि कान्तासु च विक्षिपन्ति | रूपाणि चित्राणि च विक्षिपन्ति दृढानि चापानि च विक्षिपन्ति || ५-५-१२

    The demons were seen expanding their chests sportively and caressing their wives by placing their limbs on them. They were assuming wonderful forms, and drawing their bows up to their ears. [5-5-12]

  3. 13

    ददर्श कान्ताश्च समालभन्त्य स्तथा परास्तत्र पुनः स्वपन्त्यः | सुरूपवक्त्राश्च तथा हसन्त्यः क्रुद्धाः पराश्चापि विनिःश्वसन्त्य || ५-५-१३

    He even saw women collected there, their limbs smeared with unguents on their bodies, like wise women with beautiful countenances laughing at others, some sleeping, and others hissing (sighing) like angry serpents. [5-5-13]

  4. 14

    महागजैश्चापि तथा नदद्भि: सुपूजितैश्चापि तथा सुसद्भिः | रराज वीरैश्च विनिःश्वसद्भिः ह्रदो भुजङ्गैरिव निःश्वसद्भिः || ५-५-१४

    There were huge elephants trumpeting, respected people, warriors sighing for the lack of enemies (to vanquish). It had a lake infested with hissing snakes. [5-5-14]

  5. 15

    बुद्धिप्रधानान् रुचिराभिधानान् संश्रद्धधानान् जगतः प्रधानान् | नानाविधानान् रुचिराभिधानान् ददर्श तस्यां पुरि यातुधानान् || ५-५-१५

    He saw there in the city of Lanka, demons, who were intellectuals, pleasing in words, with faith in religion, preeminent heroes of the world of different kinds, followers of good practices and with lovely names. [5-5-15]