1. 1

    ततस्तु रक्षोधिपतिर्महात्मा हनूमताक्षे निहते कुमारे | मनस्समाधाय सदेवकल्पं समादिदेशेन्द्रजितं सरोषः || ५-४८-१

    Thereafter the great demon king, mighty angry at the death of Aksha in the hands of Hanuman, controlled his feeling and ordered Indrajit who was like a godhead. [5-48-1]

  2. 2

    त्वमस्त्रविच्छस्त्रविदां वरिष्ठस्सुरासुराणामपि शोकदाता | सुरेषु सेन्द्रेषु च दृष्टकर्मा पितामहाराधनसञ्चितास्त्रः || ५-४८-२

    'You are an expert in wielding astras (missiles) and foremost among the wielders of weapons. You are highly efficient. You have brought grief even to suras and asuras. You are a warrior of proven ability demonstrated in your war against the gods including Indra. By propitiating, (through penance), grandfather Brahma you have acquired many missiles. [5-48-2]

  3. 3

    तवास्त्रबलमासाद्य ससुराः समरुद्गणाः | न शेकुस्समरे स्थातुं सुरेश्वरसमाश्रिताः || ५-४८-३

    'None could face you in war including Indra, Maruts and gods because of your skill and the power of your astras. [5-48-3]

  4. 4

    न कश्चित्त्रिषु लोकेषु संयुगेन गतश्रमः | भुजवीर्याभिगुप्तश्च तपसा चाभिरक्षितः | देशकालविभागज्ञस्त्वमेव मतिसत्तमः || ५-४८-४

    'Excepting you there is none who has not experienced fatigue in war in the three worlds. You alone are intelligent in fighting. You are protected by the strength of your arms and power of austerity. You are aware of the proper place and time of action. [5-48-4]

  5. 5

    न तेऽस्त्यशक्यं समरेषु कर्मणा न तेऽस्त्यकार्यं मतिपूर्वमन्त्रणे | न सोऽस्ति कश्चित्त्रिषु सङ्ग्रहेषु वै न वेद यस्तेऽस्त्रबलं बलं च ते || ५-४८-५

    'Nothing is impossible for you in war. You do not consider with your wise judgment any action unfit for undertaking. There is none in all the three worlds who is unaware of the strength of your weapons and your power to recall through Mantra the weapon you have discharged. [5-48-5]