1. 1

    सेनापतीन्पञ्च स तु प्रमापितान् हनूमता सानुचरान्सवाहनान् | समीक्ष्य राजा समरोद्धतोन्मुखं कुमारमक्षं प्रसमैक्षताग्रतः || ५-४७-१

    Hearing the sad news of death of the five army generals including their followers and destruction of their vehicles, King (Ravana) gave a suggestive look at prince Aksha who was inclined to fight the war. [5-47-1]

  2. 2

    स तस्य दृष्ट्यर्पणसम्प्रचोदितः प्रतापवान्काञ्चनचित्रकार्मुकः | समुत्पपाताथ सदस्युदीरितो द्विजातिमुख्यैर्हविषेव पावकः || ५-४७-२

    Spurred by the mere glance of Ravana, the glorious Aksha with his wonderful bow inlaid with gold sprang up from the royal assembly just as flame rises from firesanctuary when oblations are poured in by reputed brahmins. [5-47-2]

  3. 3

    ततो महद्बालदिवाकरप्रभं प्रतप्तजाम्बूनदजालसन्ततम् | रथं समास्थाय ययौ स वीर्यवान्महाहरिं तं प्रति नैरृतर्षभः || ५-४७-३

    Ascending a glittering chariot inlaid with pure gold Aksha, the courageous bull among giants looking splendid like the rising Sun, marched forth towards the great vanara. [5-47-3]

  4. 4

    ततस्तपस्सङ्ग्रहसञ्चयार्जितं प्रतप्तजाम्बूनदजालशोभितम् | पताकिनं रत्नविभूषितध्वजं मनोजवाष्टाश्ववरैः सुयोजितम् || ५-४७-४

    The chariot was (strong as it was) gained by his austerities of high order. It was overlaid with pure gold armour, fixed with flags, and staff, studded with precious gems, yoked to the best of eight horses and endowed with the speed of mind. [5-47-4]

  5. 5

    सुरासुराधृष्यमसङ्गचारिणं रविप्रभं व्योमचरं समाहितम् | सतूणमष्टासिनिबद्धबन्धुरं यथाक्रमावेशितशक्तितोमरम् || ५-४७-५

    (The chariot) was unassailable to suras or asuras.It moved without touching the ground, it could fly in air and had the splendour of the Sun. It was equipped readily with quivers, eight swords, javelins and clubs placed in right order. [5-47-5]