1. 16

    कूटमुद्गरपाणींश्च दण्डायुधधरानपि | एकाक्षानेककर्णांश्च लम्बोदरपयोधरान् || ५-४-१६

    some had mallets, some hammers and others had staff and spikes. Some with a single eye, some with a single ear, some with drooping stomachs and sagging breasts and..... - [5-4-16]

  2. 17

    परिघोत्तमहस्तांश्च विचित्रकवचोज्ज्वलान् | नातिस्थूलान्नातिकृशान्नातिदीर्घातिह्रस्वकान् || ५-४-१७

    - some with stooping faces and in distorted forms looked frightful. Similarly some dwarfs and some armed with bows, with swords, with shataghni or pestle (club tripped with iron) like thunderbolt,..... - [5-4-17]

  3. 18

    परिघोत्तमहस्तांश्च विचित्रकवचोज्ज्वलान् | नातिस्थूलान्नातिकृशान्नातिदीर्घातिह्रस्वकान् || ५-४-१८

    - and some wielding iron weapons, their bodies covered with wonderful shields, some not very tall or short, not stout or thin,..... - [5-4-18]

  4. 19

    नातिगौरान्नातिकृष्णान्नातिकुब्जान्न वामनान् | विरूपान् बहुरूपांश्च सुरूपांश्च सुवर्चसः || ५-४-१९

    - some not very fair, nor very dark, some not so hunchbacked, some neither very short nor too hideous, in many forms. Some had good looking countenances,..... - [5-4-19]

  5. 20

    ध्वजीन् पताकिनश्चैव ददर्श विविधायुधान् | शक्तिवृक्षायुधांश्चैव पट्टिसाशनिधारिणः || ५-४-२०

    - some were seen holding posts and flags and weapons of several kinds. The demons who held shaktis and trees as weapons (Shakti is a lance), some held three pointed spears, missiles..... - [5-4-20]