1. 36

    येषां नोपरि नाधस्तान्न तिर्यक्सज्जते गतिः | न च कर्मसु सीदन्ति महत्स्वमिततेजसः || ५-३९-३६

    'Their course cannot be impeded either upward, or downward or right or left. They are indeed very brilliant and would never fail in any task. [5-39-36]

  2. 37

    असकृत्तैर्महोत्साहैस्ससागरधराधरा | प्रदक्षिणीकृता भूमिर्वायुमार्गानुसारिभिः || ५-३९-३७

    'They have often circumambulated the earth including its oceans and mountains through the aerial path with great enthusiasm. [5-39-37]

  3. 38

    मद्विशिष्टाश्च तुल्याश्च सन्ति तत्र वनौकसः | मत्तः प्रत्यवरः कश्चिन्नास्ति सुग्रीवसन्निधौ || ५-३९-३८

    'The vanaras under Sugriva who move in the forest are more powerful than me or equal to me. None is inferior to me. [5-39-38]

  4. 39

    अहं तावदिह प्राप्तः किं पुनस्ते महाबलाः | न हि प्रकृष्टाः प्रेष्यन्ते प्रेष्यन्ते हीतरे जनाः || ५-३९-३९

    'If I have managed to come here, why not the other powerful ones? The superior leaders are not sent (as messengers). Only ordinary ones like me are. [5-39-39]

  5. 40

    तदलं परितापेन देवि शोको व्यपैतु ते | एकोत्पातेन ते लङ्कामेष्यन्ति हरियूथपाः || ५-३९-४०

    'O noble lady therefore, give up your agony. Enough of your lamentation. The monkey troops will reach this place in one stride. [5-39-40]