1. 6

    एतैर्निमित्तैरपरैश्च सुभ्रूः सम्बोधिता प्रागपि साधु सिद्धैः | वातातपक्लान्तमिव प्रणष्टं वर्षेण बीजं प्रतिसंजहर्ष || ५-२९-६

    Reassured by such omens which augured well as tested by time, Sita, with beautiful eyebrows, and deep foresight experienced great joy, like a seed blighted by the wind and the Sun comes back to joyful life through a pleasing shower. (A foreteller is addressed as siddha in sanskrit dramas) [5-29-6]

  2. 7

    तस्याः पुनर्बिम्बफलाधरोष्ठं स्वक्षिभ्रुकेशान्तमरालपक्ष्म | वक्त्रं बभासे सितशुक्लदंष्ट्रं राहोर्मुखाच्चन्द्र इव प्रमुक्तः || ५-२९-७

    Her face shining with beautiful red lips like bimba fruit, sparkling teeth, and curved eyelashes with lovely brows extending up to her hair, she appeared like a Moon released from the mouth of Rahu. [5-29-7]

  3. 8

    सा वीतशोका व्यपनीततन्द्री शान्तज्वरा हर्षविबुद्धसत्त्वा | अशोभतार्या वदनेन शुक्ले शीतांशुना रात्रिरिवोदितेन || ५-२९-८

    Revered Sita, completely relieved of grief, exhaustion gone, fears allayed, mind illumined with joy, looked charming with her countenance as a night with the Moon fully risen during the bright fortnight. [5-29-8]