1. 46

    अथवा न्यस्तशत्रौ तौ वने मूलफलाशिनौ | भ्रातरौ हि नरश्रेष्ठौ संवृत्तौ वनगोचरौ || ५-२६-४६

    'May be both the brothers, foremost among men, have laid down their arms, and taken to asceticism, subsisting on roots and fruits. [5-26-46]

  2. 47

    अथवा राक्षसेन्द्रेण रावणेन दुरात्मना | छद्मना घातितौ शूरौ भ्रातरौ रामलक्ष्मणौ || ५-२६-४७

    'Or else, has this wicked demon king slain both the brothers Rama and Lakshmana by some deceptive means? [5-26-47]

  3. 48

    साऽहमेवङ्गते काले मर्तुमिच्छामि सर्वथा | न च मे विहितो मृत्युरस्मिन् दुःखेऽपि वर्तते || ५-२६-४८

    'By all means I wish to die in these circumstances. However, death is not ordained for me even in this sorrowful state. [5-26-48]

  4. 49

    धन्याः खलु महात्मानो मुनयस्त्यक्तकिल्बिषाः | जितात्मनो महाभागा येषां न स्तः प्रियाप्रिये || ५-२६-४९

    'Blessed are the exhalted sages who have not committed any sin. They have self control and have subdued their senses. There is no pleasure or displeasure for them. [5-26-49]

  5. 50

    प्रियान्न संभवेद्दुःखमप्रियादधिकं भयम् | ताभ्यां हि ये वियुज्यन्ते नमस्तेषां महात्मनाम् || ५-२६-५०

    'Salutations to those exalted souls who have distanced themselves from pleasure and displeasure. Pleasures may not lead to suffering or displeasure to excessive, meaningless fear for such great souls. [5-26-50]