1. 1

    सीताया वचनं श्रुत्वा परुषं राक्षसाधिपः | प्रत्युवाच ततः सीतां विप्रियं प्रियदर्शनाम् || ५-२२-१

    Hearing the sharp words of pleasing Sita, the lord of demons replied in unpleasant terms : - [5-22-1]

  2. 2

    यथा यथा सान्त्वयिता वश्यः स्त्रीणां तथा तथा | यथा यथा प्रियं वक्ता परिभूतस्तथा तथा || ५-२२-२

    - 'The more the lover is courteous and loving and pleasing to women the more he is humiliated by them. [5-22-2]

  3. 3

    सन्नियच्छति मे क्रोधं त्वयि कामः समुत्थितः | द्रवतोऽमार्गमासाद्य हयानिव सुसारथिः || ५-२२-३

    'My love for you has restrained my anger, just as a good charioteer controls the horses galloping on a wrong path. [5-22-3]

  4. 4

    वामः कामो मनुष्याणां यस्मिन् किल निबध्यते | जने तस्मिंस्त्वनुक्रोशः स्नेहश्च किल जायते || ५-२२-४

    'Love is partial. It gets bound to those in whomsoever compassion and friendship is generated, even though they are punishable. [5-22-4]

  5. 5

    एतस्मात्कारणान्न त्वां घातयामि वरानने | वधार्हामवमानार्हां मिथ्याप्रव्रजिते रताम् || ५-२२-५

    'O beautiful one it is on this account that I do not kill you even though you deserve to be killed and insulted (for the words used), even as you are engaged in a pseudo-ascetic life. [5-22-5]