1. 16

    अनन्या राघवेणाहं भास्करेण प्रभा यथा | उपधाय भुजं तस्य लोकनाथस्य सत्कृतम् || ५-२१-१६

    'I am inseparable from Raghava like light from the Sun. After resting on the honourable arm of the great lord of the worlds,..... - [5-21-16]

  2. 17

    कथं नामोपधास्यामि भुजमन्यस्य कस्य चित् | अहमौपयिकी भार्या तस्यैव वसुधापतेः || ५-२१-१७

    - how can I pillow on somebody's arm? I am alone the lawful wife of the lord of the earth like..... - [5-21-17]

  3. 18

    व्रतस्नातस्य विप्रस्य विद्येव विदितात्मनः | साधु रावण रामेण मां समानय दुःखिताम् || ५-२१-१८

    - the knowledge of the Vedas which rightfully belongs to a wise brahmin who has realised the self after having had his ceremonial bath (as a token of celibacy) and having observed strict vows during the period of his study. O Ravana it is proper for you to unite me in distress with Rama..... - [5-21-18]

  4. 19

    वने वाशितया सार्धं करेण्वेव गजाधिपम् | मित्रमौपयिकं कर्तुं रामः स्थानं परीप्सता || ५-२१-१९

    - as one would unite a female elephant with the lordly elephant from which it is separated in the wilderness. I wish you to build friendship with Rama. Surely it is the right thing for you to do,..... - [5-21-19]

  5. 20

    वधं चानिच्छता घोरं त्वयासौ पुरुषर्षभः | विदितः स हि धर्मज्ञः शरणागतवत्सलः || ५-२१-२०

    - if you are desirous of avoiding a dreadful death by the bull among men (Rama). He is famous as a knower of dharma and is compassionate to those who seek his protection. [5-21-20]