1. 11

    राक्षसानामभावाय त्वं वा न प्रतिपद्यसे | अकृतात्मानमासाद्य राजानमनये रतम् || ५-२१-११

    - you are not listening. You are the cause of the destruction of demons. On account of indiscreet rulers engaged in unfair means,..... - [5-21-11]

  2. 12

    समृद्धानि विनश्यन्ति राष्ट्राणि नगराणि च | तथेयं त्वां समासाद्य लङ्का रत्नौघसङ्कुला || ५-२१-१२

    - even prosperous countries and cities are destroyed. Having got you as its ruler, this Lanka filled with gems (riches)..... - [5-21-12]

  3. 13

    अपराधात्तवैकस्य नचिराद्विनशिष्यति | स्वकृतैर्हन्यमानस्य रावणादीर्घदर्शिनः || ५-२१-१३

    - will perish without delay for the crime of one individual. O Ravana, killed by his own vile act a shortsighted..... - [5-21-13]

  4. 14

    अभिनन्दन्ति भूतानि विनाशे पापकर्मणः | एवं त्वां पापकर्माणं वक्ष्यन्ति निकृता जनाः || ५-२१-१४

    - sinner's destruction will be welcomed and enjoyed by living beings. Seeing you, getting ruined this way for your sin, for their humiliation in your hands..... - [5-21-14]

  5. 15

    दिष्ट्यैतद्व्यसनं प्राप्तो रौद्र इत्येव हर्षिताः | शक्या लोभयितुं नाहमैश्वर्येण धनेन वा || ५-२१-१५

    - those who were angry with you will feel glad and say 'Luckily this terrible fellow has met with his doom. I cannot be lured by your power or wealth. [5-21-15]