1. 16

    उत्कृष्टपर्णकमलां वित्रासितविहङ्गमाम् | हस्तिहस्तपरामृष्टामाकुलां पद्मिनीमिव || ५-१९-१६

    (She appeared) like a lotuspond the excellent leaves of whose lotuses surrounded by frightened birds are destroyed by the trunks of elephants. [5-19-16]

  2. 17

    पतिशोकातुरां शुष्कां नदीं विस्रावितामिव | परया मृजया हीनां कृष्णपक्षनिशामिव || ५-१९-१७

    Stricken with grief caused by separation from her husband, she appeared like a river gone thin and dry, not fit for ablution, like a night during dark fortnight of the month deprived of all its glow. [5-19-17]

  3. 18

    सुकुमारीं सुजाताङ्गीं रत्नगर्भगृहोचिताम् | तप्यमानामिवोष्णेन मृणालीमचिरोद्धृताम् || ५-१९-१८

    A delicate lady with beautiful limbs who deserved to be in a gemcrusted house was (now) like a lotus stem just plucked out and scorched by the Sun's heat. [5-19-18]

  4. 19

    गृहीतामालितां स्तम्भे यूथपेन विनाकृताम् | निःश्वसन्तीं सुदुःखार्तां गजराजवधूमिव || ५-१९-१९

    She was sighing heavily in intense grief like a royal female elephant tied to a pillar and separated from her lord, the leader of the herd. [5-19-19]

  5. 20

    एकया दीर्घया वेण्या शोभमानामयत्नतः | नीलया नीरदापाये वनराज्या महीमिव || ५-१९-२०

    She was lovely even with a single braid of unkempt hair like the earth with a single row of dark trees covering its surface at the end of the rainy season. [5-19-20]