1. 21

    भूषणैरुत्तमैर्हीनां भर्तृवात्सल्यभूषणाम् | राक्षसाधिपसंरुद्धां बन्धुभिश्च विना कृताम् || ५-१७-२१

    Though devoid of all excellent ornaments, she looked adorned with love for her husband. Besieged by the demon king, deprived of her near and dear ones,..... - [5-17-21]

  2. 22

    वियूथां सिंहसंरुद्धां बद्धां गजवधूमिव | चन्द्ररेखां पयोदान्ते शारदाभ्रैरिवावृताम् || ५-१७-२२

    - Sita was looking like a fettered female elephant separated from its herd and besieged by lions. She appeared like a streak (crescent) of Moon covered by autumnal clouds at the close of the rainy season. [5-17-22]

  3. 23

    क्लिष्टरूपामसंस्पर्शादयुक्तामिव वल्लकीम् | सीतां भर्तृवशे युक्तामयुक्तां राक्षसीवशे || ५-१७-२३

    She looked haggard since she was out of contact with her husband an unused lute with its strings let loose. She deserves to be with Rama, but had fallen under the sway of she-demons. [5-17-23]

  4. 24

    अशोकवनिकामथ्ये शोकसागरमाप्लुताम् | ताभिः परिवृतां तत्र सग्रहामिव रोहिणीम् || ५-१७-२४

    Immersed in the ocean of sorrow she was like the star Rohini surrounded by unpropitious planets. Sitting in the midst of Ashoka grove..... - [5-17-24]

  5. 25

    ददर्श हनुमान् देवीं लतामकुसुमामिव | सा मलेन च दिग्धाङ्गी वपुषा चाप्यलङ्कृता || ५-१७-२५

    - she was like a creeper without blossoms. Hanuman saw the noble lady (Sita). Even though she was daubed with dirt, and had no ornaments on her,..... - [5-17-25]