1. 11

    नीलाञ्जननिभाः केचित्तत्राशोकास्सहस्रशः | नन्दनं विविधोद्यानं चित्रं चैत्ररथं यथा || ५-१५-११

    - and some dark as collyrium, there were thousands of ashoka trees. The grove with different types of gardens spread over looked like the Nandana garden of Indra and Chaitraratha garden of Kubera. [5-15-11]

  2. 12

    अतिवृत्तमिवाचिन्त्यं दिव्यं रम्यं श्रिया वृतम् | वितीयमिव चाकाशं पुष्पज्योतिर्गणायुतम् || ५-१५-१२

    It surpassed every other garden. It was unimaginable in splendour. It was divine and delightful filled with the radiance of countless varieties of blossoms shining like stars, like a second firmament. [5-15-12]

  3. 13

    पुष्परत्नशतैश्चित्रं द्वितीयं सागरं यथा | सर्वर्तुपुष्पैर्निचितं पादपैर्मधुगन्धिभिः || ५-१५-१३

    It was like another ocean filled with precious gems of flowers. It had trees bearing flowers of all seasons and with flowers of honey-scented fragrance. [5-15-13]

  4. 14

    नानानिनादैरुद्यानं रम्यं मृगगणैर्द्विजैः | अनेकगन्धप्रवहं पुण्यगन्धं मनोरमम् || ५-१५-१४

    In the grove sounds of animals and birds filled the air. It was pleasing to the heart with various divine fragrances wafted (by the breeze). [5-15-14]

  5. 15

    शैलेन्द्रमिव गन्धाढ्यं द्वितीयं गन्धमादनम् | अशोकवनिकायां तु तस्यां वानरपुङ्गवः || ५-१५-१५

    In that Ashoka grove, there was a mountain like structure which was highly fragrant and appeared like another Gandhamadana mountain. The monkey leader..... - [5-15-15]