1. 26

    लताशतैरवततास्सन्तानकुसुमावृताः | नानागुल्मावृतघनाः करवीरकृतान्तराः || ५-१४-२६

    - by hundreds of creepers, and Ashoka blossoms scattered everywhere, with thickly grown bushes of different kinds, with lilies in bloom in tanks. [5-14-26]

  2. 27

    ततोऽम्बुधरसङ्काशं प्रवृद्धशिखरं गिरिम् | विचित्रकूटं कूटैश्च सर्वतः परिवारितम् || ५-१४-२७

    There was a mountain, resembling the raincloud with tall, pleasing peaks, wonderful peaks spread all over the mountain. [5-14-27]

  3. 28

    शिलागृहैरवततं नानावृक्षैः समावृतम् | ददर्श हरिशार्दूलो रम्यं जगति पर्वतम् || ५-१४-२८

    There were caves built of stone, with a variety of trees. The tiger among monkeys (Hanuman) beheld this delightful mountain. [5-14-28]

  4. 29

    ददर्श च नगात्तस्मान्नदीं निपतितां कपिः | अङ्कादिव समुत्पत्य प्रियस्य पतितां प्रियाम् || ५-१४-२९

    The vanara Hanuman saw a stream descending from the hill which looked like a beloved jumping down from the thighs of her lover. [5-14-29]

  5. 30

    जले निपतिताग्रैश्च पादपैरुपशोभिताम् | वार्यमाणामिव क्रुद्धां प्रमदां प्रियबन्धुभिः || ५-१४-३०

    It was adorned with trees whose boughs touched the water and thus looking like an angry woman leaving her dear lover but detained by her relatives. [5-14-30]