1. 16

    तथाऽऽम्ललवणोत्तंसैर्विविधैरागषाडबैः | हारनूपुरकेयूरैरपविद्धैर्महाधनैः || ५-११-१६

    There was food seasoned with salt and sour ingredients. There was ragashadavas (syrup made with grapes, pomegranates, different juices like half ripe mangoes and seasoned with ginger cardomom, butter etc). Heavy chains, anklets and shoulders-straps were thrown aside. [5-11-16]

  2. 17

    पानभाजनविक्षिप्तैः फलैश्च विविधैरपि | कृतपुष्पोपहारा भूरधिकं पुष्यति श्रियम् || ५-११-१७

    Many glasses were found scattered or drinks spilt on the floor after use. The banquet hall looked splendid with many fruits and flowers sprinkled. [5-11-17]

  3. 18

    तत्र तत्र च विन्यस्तै: सुश्लिष्टैश्शयनासनैः | पानभूमिर्विना वह्निं प्रदीप्तेवोपलक्ष्यते || ५-११-१८

    Good couches and different kinds of seats were wellarranged in the banquet hall. The place appeared as if it was glowing without fire. [5-11-18]

  4. 19

    बहुप्रकारैर्विविधैर्वरसंस्कारसंस्कृतैः | मांसैः कुशलसम्पृक्तैः पानभूमिगतैः पृथक् || ५-११-१९

    In the banquet hall there were many types of meat arranged in a number of ways. They were cooked by experts by seasoning them with choicest ingredients. [5-11-20]

  5. 20

    दिव्याः प्रसन्ना विविधाः सुराः कृतसुरा अपि | शर्कराऽसवमाध्वीकपुष्पासवफलासवाः || ५-११-२०

    There were many types of wonderful and pleasing wine extracted from sugarcane, honey , fruits and flowers. They were good even though fermented and..... - [5-11-20]