1. 36

    अङ्गहारैस्तथैवान्या कोमलैर्नृत्तशालिनी | विन्यस्तशुभसर्वाङ्गी प्रसुप्ता वरवर्णिनी || ५-१०-३६

    Another woman exceedingly beautiful and a delicate danseuse of beautiful complexion and rhythmic movements held her limbs in a dancing posture (though asleep) due to her habit. [5-10-36]

  2. 37

    काचिद्वीणां परिष्वज्य प्रसुप्ता सम्प्रकाशते | महानदीप्रकीर्णेव नलिनी पोतमाश्रिता || ५-१०-३७

    Another woman slept hugging her veena. She shone like a lotus plant flung in a large river, clinging on to a boat. (Veena is compared to a boat and the woman to a lotusplant in the ambience of flowing waters of the river. The entire hall had put up such a dynamic view showing hectic life of the inmates). [5-10-37]

  3. 38

    अन्या कक्षगतेनैव मड्डुकेनासितेक्षणा | प्रसुप्ता भामिनी भाति बालपुत्रेव वत्सला || ५-१०-३८

    A woman with dark eyes asleep with a drum placed in her armpit looked like a beautiful mother holding her loving baby (the drum was hung to her arm with a rope). [5-10-38]

  4. 39

    पटहं चारुसर्वाङ्गी पीड्य शेते शुभस्तनी | चिरस्य रमणं लब्ध्वा परिष्वज्येव भामिनी || ५-१०-३९

    Another charming beauty endowed with beautiful breasts lay hugging a tambourine as though a passionate woman lay embracing her lover whom she secured after a long time. [5-10-39]

  5. 40

    काचिद्वंशं परिष्वज्य सुप्ता कमललोचना | रहः प्रियतमं गृह्य सकामेव च कामिनी || ५-१०-४०

    Yet another lotuseyed lady slept embracing a lute as if a lovelorn woman lay clasping her lover. [5-10-40]