1. 66

    दृश्यते सानुबन्धा च तथा स कपिकुञ्जरः | पतत्पतङ्गसङ्काशो व्यायतः शुशुभे कपिः || ५-१-६६

    - the elephant like monkey was seen darting across the ocean (going from north to south). As though moving like the setting Sun, the vanara appeared..... - [5-1-66]

  2. 67

    प्रवृद्ध इव मातङ्गः कक्ष्यया बध्यमानया | उपरिष्टाच्छरीरेण छायया चावगाढया || ५-१-६७

    - expanded into an enormous size form. He looked like a huge elephant bound round the waist. When the vanara was flying in the sky, his shadow reflected in the ocean..... - [5-1-67]

  3. 68

    सागरे मारुताविष्टा नौरिवासीत्तदा कपिः | यं यं देशं समुद्रस्य जगाम स महाकपिः ||५-१-६८

    - looked like a ship driven by the wind and sailing on the sea below (as if the lower part of his body was under water and upper part occupied the sky). Whichever part of the sea over which that great monkey flew,..... - [5-1-68]

  4. 69

    स स तस्योरुवेगेन सोन्माद इव लक्ष्यते | सागरस्योर्मिजालानामुरसा शैलवर्ष्मणाम् ||५-१-६९

    - it appeared as though it was riotous with eddies, whirlpools and revolving foam etc., stirred up by the speed of his thighs. The oceanic waves in rows rose as high as the mountain..... - [5-1-69]

  5. 70

    अभिघ्नंस्तु महावेगः पुप्लुवे स महाकपिः | कपिवातश्च बलवान् मेघवातश्च निःसृतः || ५-१-७०

    - dashing against his chest as the great vanara was flying swiftly. The forceful wind generated by the monkey moving swiftly, and by the clouds..... - [5-1-70]