1. 26

    हारनूपुरकेयूरपारिहार्यधराः स्त्रियः | विस्मिताः सस्मितास्तस्थुराकाशे रमणैः सह || ५-१-२६

    Adorned with necklaces, anklets and armlets, the vidyadharis stayed wonderstruck in the sky, smiling gently in the company of their lovers. [5-1-26]

  2. 27

    दर्शयन्तो महाविद्यां विद्याधरमहर्षयः | सहितास्तस्थुराकाशे वीक्षाञ्चक्रुश्च पर्वतम् || ५-१-२७

    The seers among the Vidyadharas, proficient in different fields of knowledge were also watching the mountain from the sky along with others. [5-1-27]

  3. 28

    शुश्रुवुश्च तदा शब्दमृषीणां भावितात्मनाम् | चारणानां च सिद्धानां स्थितानां विमलेऽम्बरे || ५-१-२८

    Then the vidyadharas heard the words of praise(of Hanuman) by the sages, seekers of the ultimate truth, the charanas and the siddhas who stood and watched in the clear sky : - [5-1-28]

  4. 29

    एष पर्वतसङ्काशो हनुमान् मारुतात्मजः | तितीर्षति महावेगस्समुद्रं मकरालयम् || ५-१-२९

    - "Hanuman the son of the Windgod, who is like a mountain, with extraordinary might intends to cross the ocean, the abode of crocodiles". [5-1-29]

  5. 30

    रामार्थं वानरार्थं च चिकीर्षन् कर्म दुष्करम् | समुद्रस्य परं पारं दुष्प्रापं प्राप्तुमिच्छति || ५-१-३०

    "For the sake of Rama and the vanaras he wants to reach the other shore of the ocean, which is difficult, and indeed impossible". [5-1-30]