1. 6

    पयःफेननिभे शुभ्रे पर्यङ्के कशिपूत्तमे । उपतस्थे सुखासीनं जगतामीश्वरं पतिम् ।। १०-६०-६ ।।

    There the Queen served her husband, the Supreme Lord of all the worlds, as He reclined upon an opulent pillow on her bed, which was as soft and white as the foam of milk. ।। 10-60-6 ।।

  2. 7

    वालव्यजनमादाय रत्नदण्डं सखीकरात् । तेन वीजयती देवी उपासाञ्चक्र ईश्वरम् ।। १०-६०-७ ।।

    From her maidservant’s hand Goddess Rukmiṇī took a yak-hair fan with a jeweled handle, and then she began to worship her master by fanning Him. ।। 10-60-7 ।।

  3. 8

    सोपाच्युतं क्वणयती मणिनूपुराभ्यां रेजेऽङ्गुलीयवलयव्यजनाग्रहस्ता । वस्त्रान्तगूढकुचकुङ्कुमशोणहारभासानितम्बधृतया च परार्ध्यकाञ्च्या ।। १०-६०-८ ।।

    Her hand adorned with rings, bangles and the cāmara fan, Queen Rukmiṇī looked resplendent standing near Lord Kṛṣṇa. Her jeweled ankle-bells tinkled, and her necklace glittered, reddened by the kuṅkuma from her breasts, which were covered by the end of her sari. On her hips she wore a priceless belt. ।। 10-60-8 ।।

  4. 9

    तां रूपिणीं श्रियमनन्यगतिं निरीक्ष्य या लीलया धृततनोरनुरूपरूपा । प्रीतः स्मयन्नलककुण्डलनिष्ककण्ठवक्त्रोल्लसत्स्मितसुधां हरिराबभाषे ।। १०-६०-९ ।।

    As He contemplated her, the goddess of fortune herself, who desires only Him, Lord Kṛṣṇa smiled. The Lord assumes various forms to enact His pastimes, and He was pleased that the form the goddess of fortune had assumed was just suitable for her to serve as His consort. Her charming face was adorned with curling hair, earrings, a locket on her neck, and the nectar of her bright, happy smile. The Lord then spoke to her as follows. ।। 10-60-9 ।।

  5. 10

    श्रीभगवानुवाच राजपुत्रीप्सिता भूपैर्लोकपालविभूतिभिः । महानुभावैः श्रीमद्भी रूपौदार्यबलोर्जितैः ।। १०-६०-१० ।।

    The Supreme Lord said: My dear princess, you were sought after by many kings as powerful as the rulers of planets. They were all abundantly endowed with political influence, wealth, beauty, generosity and physical strength. ।। 10-60-10 ।।