1. 31

    गोप्य ऊचुः मैवं विभोऽर्हति भवान् गदितुं नृशंसं सन्त्यज्य सर्वविषयांस्तवपादमूलम् । भक्ता भजस्व दुरवग्रह मा त्यजास्मान् देवो यथाऽऽदिपुरुषो भजते मुमुक्षून् ।। १०-२९-३१ ।।

    The beautiful gopīs said: O all-powerful one, You should not speak in this cruel way. Do not reject us, who have renounced all material enjoyment to render devotional service to Your lotus feet. Reciprocate with us, O stubborn one, just as the primeval Lord, Śrī Nārāyaṇa, reciprocates with His devotees in their endeavors for liberation. ।। 10-29-31 ।।

  2. 32

    यत्पत्यपत्यसुहृदामनुवृत्तिरङ्ग स्त्रीणां स्वधर्म इति धर्मविदा त्वयोक्तम् । अस्त्वेवमेतदुपदेशपदे त्वयीशे प्रेष्ठो भवांस्तनुभृतां किल बन्धुरात्मा ।। १०-२९-३२ ।।

    Our dear Kṛṣṇa, as an expert in religion You have advised us that the proper religious duty for women is to faithfully serve their husbands, children and other relatives. We agree that this principle is valid, but actually this service should be rendered to You. After all, O Lord, You are the dearmost friend of all embodied souls. You are their most intimate relative and indeed their very Self. ।। 10-29-32 ।।

  3. 33

    कुर्वन्ति हि त्वयि रतिं कुशलाः स्व आत्मन् नित्यप्रिये पतिसुतादिभिरार्तिदैः किम् । तन्नः प्रसीद परमेश्वर मा स्म छिन्द्या आशां धृतां त्वयि चिरादरविन्दनेत्र ।। १०-२९-३३ ।।

    Expert transcendentalists always direct their affection toward You because they recognize You as their true Self and eternal beloved. What use do we have for these husbands, children and relatives of ours, who simply give us trouble? Therefore, O supreme controller, grant us Your mercy. O lotus-eyed one, please do not cut down our long-cherished hope to have Your association. ।। 10-29-33 ।।

  4. 34

    चित्तं सुखेन भवतापहृतं गृहेषु यन्निर्विशत्युत करावपि गृह्यकृत्ये । पादौ पदं न चलतस्तव पादमूलाद्यामः कथं व्रजमथो करवाम किं वा ।। १०-२९-३४ ।।

    Until today our minds were absorbed in household affairs, but You easily stole both our minds and our hands away from our housework. Now our feet won’t move one step from Your lotus feet. How can we go back to Vraja? What would we do there? ।। 10-29-34 ।।

  5. 35

    सिञ्चाङ्ग नस्त्वदधरामृतपूरकेण हासावलोककलगीतजहृच्छयाग्निम् । नो चेद्वयं विरहजाग्न्युपयुक्तदेहा ध्यानेन याम पदयोः पदवीं सखे ते ।। १०-२९-३५ ।।

    Dear Kṛṣṇa, please pour the nectar of Your lips upon the fire within our hearts — a fire You ignited with Your smiling glances and the sweet song of Your flute. If You do not, we will consign our bodies to the fire of separation from You, O friend, and thus like yogīs attain to the abode of Your lotus feet by meditation. ।। 10-29-35 ।।