1. 36

    न नामरूपे गुणजन्मकर्मभिर्निरूपितव्ये तव तस्य साक्षिणः । मनो वचोभ्यामनुमेयवर्त्मनो देव क्रियायां प्रतियन्त्यथापि हि ।। १०-२-३६ ।।

    O Lord, Your transcendental name and form are not ascertained by those who merely speculate on the path of imagination. Your name, form and attributes can be ascertained only through devotional service. ।। 10-2-36 ।।

  2. 37

    श‍ृण्वन् गृणन् संस्मरयंश्च चिन्तयन्नामानि रूपाणि च मङ्गलानि ते । क्रियासु यस्त्वच्चरणारविन्दयोराविष्टचेता न भवाय कल्पते ।। १०-२-३७ ।।

    Even while engaged in various activities, devotees whose minds are completely absorbed at Your lotus feet, and who constantly hear, chant, contemplate and cause others to remember Your transcendental names and forms, are always on the transcendental platform, and thus they can understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead. ।। 10-2-37 ।।

  3. 38

    दिष्ट्या हरेऽस्या भवतः पदो भुवो भारोऽपनीतस्तव जन्मनेशितुः । दिष्ट्याङ्कितां त्वत्पदकैः सुशोभनैर्द्रक्ष्याम गां द्यां च तवानुकम्पिताम् ।। १०-२-३८ ।।

    O Lord, we are fortunate because the heavy burden of the demons upon this earth is immediately removed by Your appearance. Indeed, we are certainly fortunate, for we shall be able to see upon this earth and in the heavenly planets the marks of lotus, conchshell, club and disc that adorn Your lotus feet. ।। 10-2-38 ।।

  4. 39

    न तेऽभवस्येश भवस्य कारणं विना विनोदं बत तर्कयामहे । भवो निरोधः स्थितिरप्यविद्यया कृता यतस्त्वय्यभयाश्रयात्मनि ।। १०-२-३९ ।।

    O Supreme Lord, You are not an ordinary living entity appearing in this material world as a result of fruitive activities. Therefore Your appearance or birth in this world has no other cause than Your pleasure potency. Similarly, the living entities, who are part of You, have no cause for miseries like birth, death and old age, except when these living entities are conducted by Your external energy. ।। 10-2-39 ।।

  5. 40

    मत्स्याश्वकच्छपनृसिंहवराहहंसराजन्यविप्रविबुधेषु कृतावतारः । त्वं पासि नस्त्रिभुवनं च यथाधुनेश भारं भुवो हर यदूत्तम वन्दनं ते ।। १०-२-४० ।।

    O supreme controller, Your Lordship previously accepted incarnations as a fish, a horse, a tortoise, Narasiṁhadeva, a boar, a swan, Lord Rāmacandra, Paraśurāma and, among the demigods, Vāmanadeva, to protect the entire world by Your mercy. Now please protect us again by Your mercy by diminishing the disturbances in this world. O Kṛṣṇa, best of the Yadus, we respectfully offer our obeisances unto You. ।। 10-2-40 ।।