1. 6

    तं दृष्ट्वा व्रीडिता देव्यो विवस्त्राः शापशङ्किताः । वासांसि पर्यधुः शीघ्रं विवस्त्रौ नैव गुह्यकौ ।। १०-१०-६ ।।

    Upon seeing Nārada, the naked young girls of the demigods were very much ashamed. Afraid of being cursed, they covered their bodies with their garments. But the two sons of Kuvera did not do so; instead, not caring about Nārada, they remained naked. ।। 10-10-6 ।।

  2. 7

    तौ दृष्ट्वा मदिरामत्तौ श्रीमदान्धौ सुरात्मजौ । तयोरनुग्रहार्थाय शापं दास्यन्निदं जगौ ।। १०-१०-७ ।।

    Seeing the two sons of the demigods naked and intoxicated by opulence and false prestige, Devarṣi Nārada, in order to show them special mercy, desired to give them a special curse. Thus he spoke as follows. ।। 10-10-7 ।।

  3. 8

    नारद उवाच न ह्यन्यो जुषतो जोष्यान् बुद्धिभ्रंशो रजोगुणः । श्रीमदादाभिजात्यादिर्यत्र स्त्रीद्यूतमासवः ।। १०-१०-८ ।।

    Nārada Muni said: Among all the attractions of material enjoyment, the attraction of riches bewilders one’s intelligence more than having beautiful bodily features, taking birth in an aristocratic family, and being learned. When one is uneducated but falsely puffed up by wealth, the result is that one engages his wealth in enjoying wine, women and gambling. ।। 10-10-8 ।।

  4. 9

    हन्यन्ते पशवो यत्र निर्दयैरजितात्मभिः । मन्यमानैरिमं देहमजरामृत्यु नश्वरम् ।। १०-१०-९ ।।

    Unable to control their senses, rascals who are falsely proud of their riches or their birth in aristocratic families are so cruel that to maintain their perishable bodies, which they think will never grow old or die, they kill poor animals without mercy. Sometimes they kill animals merely to enjoy an excursion. ।। 10-10-9 ।।

  5. 10

    देवसंज्ञितमप्यन्ते कृमिविड्भस्मसञ्ज्ञितम् । भूतध्रुक् तत्कृते स्वार्थं किं वेद निरयो यतः ।। १०-१०-१० ।।

    While living one may be proud of one’s body, thinking oneself a very big man, minister, president or even demigod, but whatever one may be, after death this body will turn either into worms, into stool or into ashes. If one kills poor animals to satisfy the temporary whims of this body, one does not know that he will suffer in his next birth, for such a sinful miscreant must go to hell and suffer the results of his actions. ।। 10-10-10 ।।